Saving for retirement requires decades of discipline and sacrifice. That’s why you deserve a service-oriented firm like Financial Designs to advise you on how to best utilize your savings. Here are just some of the ways our team works hard to put YOU first:


We limit the number of clients we serve to provide a higher level of customized service. Many firms use a cookie-cutter approach to enable them to serve the greatest number of clients with the least time and effort.


Prescription without full diagnosis is malpractice! At Financial Designs, we won’t give you any recommendations until we delve extensively into your financial situation and life goals. We will never offer or sell a solution to you that you don’t want or need.


The last two market crashes (bear markets) show just how risky a “set it and forget it” approach to investing can be. At Financial Designs, we have long been known as true “active” managers: We continually monitor our clients’ portfolios and make adjustments aimed at avoiding undue risk and seizing opportunities. Unfortunately, many firms continue to use “passive” investment strategies in which they create portfolios for clients and don’t make changes for months — or even years.


Our fee-oriented approach ensures that we don’t have an incentive to steer you to a particular product. Instead, we’re free to recommend what we believe are the best investments for you and your situation. It’s still common in the financial advisory industry to charge clients sales commissions for each stock, bond or mutual fund they buy. We believe that a commission-based arrangement can work against a client’s best interest.


Each of our financial planners has earned the respected CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional must meet a strict set of criteria for education, experience, and ethics. Furthermore, he or she must pass comprehensive examinations on a broad range of financial planning topics.


When we say Financial Designs is a family firm, it’s not just a figure of speech: Our top executives are literally related to each other. That’s one reason our clients can count on being served by a cohesive, stable and secure firm.


As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, Nino and Vaughn are uniquely able to meet the specific needs of each client. They advise families and individuals as they plan for retirement and strive to ensure that their retirement goals are met. Their expertise in portfolio creation enables them to design investment allocations that are tailored to each client’s distinct risk tolerance.

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